Medieval Castle Keep Modular Kitbash Complete Pack

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Modular Kitbash Pack Description

Would you like to model and render an entire medieval castle?

Now, what if I told you I have a medieval modular pack to do just that on?

This Medieval Castle Keep Modular Kitbash Pack will see you creating a super varied group of interlinkable assets.

The biggest set of variations are available for roofs, castle towers, and related fixings.

There’s nothing like this modular pack available online.

Your downloadable content will include 65 references of all kitbash items with real-world dimensions.

Within this Medieval Castle Keep Modular Kitbash Pack, you will find a series of exciting variations of castle walls, including walls with or without slits for bowmen (let's imagine there's an impending battle, right?!).

As part of building up your medieval castle keep using these modular props, you will discover walls textured using Tudor era wall materials; the iconic wood, wattle, and daub (i.e., wooden strips covered with clay).

Other awesome props include hatch doors and windows, wooden walls, a hay roof, stone roofs, a moat bridge, and castle towers with round winding steps.

You will find a huge series of props and individual components for these towers, including extensions and decorative details.

Kitbash item variations will help you diversify your castle and make it unique from anyone else’s. With a touch of innovative thinking, which I know you all have, you will be able to create something that stands out.

Be creative! Make your castles bigger and grander. Expand your castle keep land or beautify the upper level of the castle to make it stand out more and increase the social class divide with the other people living there.

Engage in roleplay thinking as you build your castle and create something that breathes life!

Medieval Castle Keep Modular Kitbash Pack is now game-ready for exporting into Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). This newest version includes the same models as the original, but this time I have applied light maps, created actors (i.e., all the textures can be dragged into the UE4 scene).

Texturing and Materials

This Medieval Castle Keep Modular Kitbash Pack will include a massive resource pack of125 free texture maps that come with your download. These maps include alphas, albedo, AO, roughness, metallic, normal, height, and displacement.

Among them will be textures for seamless bricks that give the illusion of someone having lined up the bricks when applied to a model. This technique that I have used will improve how realistic your medieval castle wall design looks.

Now, who wouldn’t like to learn how to model a castle, and take their creativity to the next level by scaling it up into an entire medieval city?

Learn how to do it with just 65 pieces. Purchase this Medieval Castle Keep Modular Kitbash Pack now.

No third-party plug-ins are required to use the files

I am very passionate about this era and I took the time to create this castle & town to be as realistic as possible. I used many references from the medieval era and I think it shines through in this creation.

Models are scaled to a real-world scale.

Pack Contains:

1 x OBJ all parts

1 x FBX all parts 

 1 x Blender file parts build 

1 x Blender file pre-built Castle Build 

1 X UE4 (Unreal Engine) Complete Pack

 125 x Texture Maps

Collection contains:

Bridges & Supports

Moat Bridge - 2044 Polygons

Stone Bridge Support - 2320 Polygons

Wooden Bridge Support - 2676 Polygons

Wooden Bridge - 1140 Polygons

Castle Drawbridge

Castle Entrance Drawbridge Gate - 22088 Polygons

Castle Gate

Castle Gate - 5138 Polygons

Castle Steps

Stone Large Stairs - 1896 Polygons

Stone Small Steps - 344 Polygons

Stone Small Steps Extention - 12 Polygons

Castle Walls

Castle Wall Block (L) - 1744 Polygons

Castle Wall Block (S) - 228 Polygons

Castle Wall Building Block Angle - 168 Polygons

Castle Wall Building Block Straight - 96 Polygons

Castle Wall Slit (B) - 588 Polygons

Castle Wall Slit (S) - 324 Polygons

Guard Tower - 4530 Polygons

Guard Tower Extention - 12 Polygons


Chimney Brick - 760 Polygons

Chimney Brick Extention - 44 Polygons

Windows & Doors

Wooden Door - 1172 Polygons

Wooden Door Stone Frame - 1928 Polygons

Wooden Door Wooden Frame - 1784 Polygons

Trapdoor - 2904 Polygons

Window Wooden Square - 478 Polygons

Window Stone Square - 708 Polygons

Large Roofs

Roof Large Stone Double - 192 Polygons

Roof Large Stone Single - 168 Polygons

Roof Large Wood Double - 464 Polygons

Roof Large Wood Single - 240 Polygons

Other Roofs

Roof Pyramid - 1762 Polygons

Roof Conal - 6841 Polygons

Roof Fantasy Corner - 2622 Polygons

Towers Round

Large Round Tower - 1742 Polygons

Small Round Tower - 158 Polygons

Tower Round Extention - 1210 Polygons

Tower Round Top Blocks - 396 Polygons

Tower Round Top Stone - 880 Polygons

Tower Round Top Wood - 5264 Polygons

Towers Square

Large Square Tower - 246 Polygons

Small Square Tower - 28 Polygons

Tower Square Top Blocks - 336 Polygons

Tower Square Top Small Extention - 64 Polygons

Tower Square Top Stone - 784 Polygons

Tower Square Top Wood - 3472 Polygons

Walls Planks

Wall Plank X 4 Door - 1188 Polygons

Wall Plank X 3 Door - 1188 Polygons

Wall Plank x 4 - 136 Polygons

Wall Plank X 3 - 136 Polygons

Wall Plank X 2 - 136 Polygons

Wall Plank Half X 4 - 114 Polygons

Wall Plank Half X 3 - 114 Polygons

Wall Plank Half X 2 - 114 Polygons

Roof Plank Hay X 4 - 6696 Polygons

Small Wooden Steps - 2384 Polygons

Walls White

White Wall Door Straight 4 - 1072 Polygons

White Wall Door Plain 4 - 964 Polygons

White Wall Door Plain 3 - 996 Polygons

White Wall Plain 4 - 464 Polygons

White Wall Plain 3 - 464 Polygons

White Wall Plain 2 - 464 Polygons

White Wall Round 4 - 604 Polygons

White Wall Angle 4 - 604 Polygons

White Wall Straight 4 - 744 Polygons

White Wall Straight 3 - 604 Polygons

White Wall Roof (B) - 402 Polygons

White Wall Roof (S) - 637 Polygons

Total Polygons - 118916

Total Vertices - 63344

The pack does not contain.

Cameras, lights, HDRI, or human reference. All of these parts are easy to set up and I have not included them to allow you to create your own ambiance and shots.

Until next time, happy modelling everyone!

Neil – 3D Tudor


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Medieval Castle Keep Modular Kitbash Complete Pack

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