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Blender 4 UE5 & Aseprite: Game Designer Bundle

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This bundle contains...

Blender 4 UE5 & Aseprite: Game Designer Bundle

Get 6 courses for €69.99 instead of €145 when you buy them separately!

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Course 1: Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide

‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ is a transformative journey designed by 3D Tudor, perfect for those looking to master Blender 4 modelling techniques.

Join Neil from 3D Tudor in ‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ and transform your 3D modeling skills. This 20-hour comprehensive course covers everything from Blender basics to advanced texturing and rendering techniques.

‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ top 6 points about the course:

  • Master the art of crafting a vibrant, stylized sunrise for virtual environments using advanced rendering and composition techniques in Blender
  • Utilize our exclusive asset library, meticulously curated for creating stylized Egyptian environments, featuring a variety of exotic plants, materials and geometry nodes
  • Accelerate your asset generation and enhance your scenes with our adaptable geometry node system, designed for efficient, professional-level scene development
  • Discover specialized UV unwrapping methods that allow precise control over texture application, ensuring your desired results
  • Construct a distinctive terrain foundation for your environment, skillfully merging stylized textures through vertex painting for a cohesive look
  • Explore the dynamic world of cloth simulation in Blender to create realistic curtains and fabric shading, enhancing your Egyptian scene with physics-based realism and elegance, and design intricate vine formations that seamlessly integrate with architectural structures, adding a unique flair to your Egyptian-themed scene
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Course 2: Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design

Welcome to 'Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design', a comprehensive course in game development using Unreal Engine 5, perfect for those interested in crafting interactive visual novels and immersive narrative games.

Are you ready to embark on a journey in Unreal Engine 5 game development, creating narrative-driven visual novels with engaging storylines and interactive gameplay?

Top 6 points about ‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’:

1.    Creating captivating environments with fluid animations and compelling soundscapes

2.    Discovering intricate game narrative techniques used by industry experts using UE5 robust data tables

3.    Designing comprehensive scoring systems, and making your game’s narrative interactive so that every decision is pivotal

4.    Solidifying your understanding of UE5’s blueprint system and adding complex game mechanics with ease

5.    Levelling up your game interface with a multi-widget UI system from scratch

6.    Crafting dynamic gameplay mechanics, including engaging dialogue options and branching player choice paths

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Course 3: Blender 4 Creator Course Stylized 3D Models

Imagine what it’s like to work in one of the top gaming studios with this AAA-quality 3D art course!

Welcome to ‘Blender 4 Creator Course Stylized 3D Models’, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of the Blender Asset Manager.

Top 8 Points about ‘Blender 4 Creator Course Stylized 3D Models’:

1.    Master the art of Blender with our course on enhancing renders using the powerful compositor, transforming your projects with professional-grade AAA visual effects

2.    Elevate your 3D environments with our extensive asset library, boasting an array of materials and tools designed to bring your creative visions to life

3.    Stay ahead in the 3D realm by learning to harness the capabilities of Eevee Next, Blender 4's revolutionary real-time renderer

4.    Accelerate your design process with our custom Geometry node setups, tailor-made for crafting stylized rooftops, wood boards, and more with efficiency and flair

5.    Bring your scenes to life with our innovative ivy and foliage creator, utilising curvature drawing for unparalleled control over the shape and flow of your natural elements

6.    Dive into the world of professional 3D modeling with our course on creating a uniquely stylized 3D tavern, teaching you industry-standard practices

7.    Discover the secret to creating immersive environments with our custom stylized textures, complete with a shader setup for ultimate control and enhancement

8.    Advance your texturing skills with our vertex painting techniques, adding personalized details like dirt to improve your designs with intricate, realistic touches

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Course 4: Blender Lighting & Compositing for Beginners

Master the art of lighting and compositing in Blender with our beginner-friendly course. Elevate your 3D models with realistic lighting, HDRI textures, and professional compositing techniques.

Are you a budding artist or a hobbyist who's been dabbling in Blender, finding yourself lost amidst the myriad lighting and compositing options?

Top 6 Points about ‘Blender Lighting and Compositing for Beginners’:

  • Master the use of HDRI textures for enhanced ambient lighting
  • Use emission textures to light up your dark or horror scenes
  • Illuminate your interiors with stunning volumetric God Rays
  • Learn how to use Blender’s lighting and compositing features to create next-level stylized assets
  • Utilise a 3 Point Light and studio light set-up to enhance your presentation
  • Maximise Blender’s compositing features to take your rendering to new heights
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Course 5: Pixel Art Bootcamp Complete 2D Retro Game Masterclass

Are you a game designer, 3D or concept artist or video game fanatic looking to create the ultimate retro pixel art gaming experience?

Look no further than our newest venture into the world of using a free software called Aseprite where we'll take you through every step of the process of transforming real-life photos into pixel art for games.

Welcome to ‘Pixel Art Bootcamp: Complete 2D Retro Game Masterclass’! This new 3D Tudor course will be your one-stop guide to mastering the art of pixel design in the gaming world! Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, this comprehensive online course covers everything you need to know to become a proficient pixel artist.

Get excited with these 6 best points about our newest course adventure, ‘Pixel Art Bootcamp: Complete 2D Retro Game Masterclass’:

  • Unlocking the secrets of pixel art and its vital role in both gaming and the arts
  • Acquiring advanced tools to create mesmerizing retro-styled backgrounds
  • Using industry-proven guidelines to make your pixel art truly stand out
  • Mastering the go-to software for 2D pixel art and unlock its full potential
  • Creating a ready-to-use asset package for retro game design
  • Gaining total expertise in character creation and animation with Aseprite
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Course 6: Blender to Unreal Engine 5 The Complete Begginners Guide

Kickstart an exciting adventure moving from the user-friendly Blender to the lively and real-time Unreal Engine 5

‘Blender to Unreal Engine 5 The Complete Beginner's Guide’ is an easy-to-follow guide that is perfect for beginners, but also has cool stuff for the experienced folks, showing you a step-by-step route to make real-looking scenes in Blender and then bringing them into Unreal Engine 5, making a full scene come to life.

Simply put, 6 best parts about ‘Blender to Unreal Engine 5 The Complete Beginner's Guide’:

  • Kickstart your 3D modelling journey whether you are a seasoned artist or a newcomer
  • Start projects the right way with our complete referencing guide focusing on the symbiotic relationship between different types of specialist software and social media
  • Learn how to create realistic roof thatching and layer your roof to make it voluptuous
  • Master the power of compositing and layers in Blender with a complete 3D modelling pipeline from greybox to high poly render
  • Enrich your scenes through the use of Quixel assets and create rich environments and open worlds with or without foliage
  • Create custom landscape materials for enhanced natural beauty
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Until next time, happy modelling everyone!

Neil – 3D Tudor


To get in touch with me about any questions or support, please email:

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Blender 4 UE5 & Aseprite: Game Designer Bundle

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