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Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design

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Welcome to 'Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design', a comprehensive course in game development using Unreal Engine 5, perfect for those interested in crafting interactive visual novels and immersive narrative games.

Are you ready to embark on a journey in Unreal Engine 5 game development, creating narrative-driven visual novels with engaging storylines and interactive gameplay?

If you answered yes, then you're at the threshold of an adventure that begins with a single click!

Join our 'Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design' course to master interactive storytelling and game design using UE5's advanced tools. Perfect for beginners and experienced developers alike.


I'm Markos, your guide on this exhilarating journey. My path to game development was paved with an enduring passion for the union of art and technology, leading me to extensive studies and real-world applications in game design.

Now, with years of experience in Unreal Engine 5 and a successful collaboration with 3D Tudor, I'm here to offer you a transformative course: ‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’.

Imagine starting with a blank slate in Lesson 1 and by Lesson 34, you've imported a full game script and are diving into playtesting.

Our course structure is a roadmap to success, illustrated right here with an overview from Lessons 1-36.

Through a series of meticulously crafted video tutorials, you'll engage in a hands-on project that paves your way from the basics to advanced techniques, whether you’re an Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) beginner or expert.


‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’ beckons whether you're a beginner or a seasoned developer, tailored to arm you with skills to navigate common hurdles and debug with finesse.

Join us, and not only will you learn to craft an interactive narrative game, but you'll also equip yourself with the tools and skills to make any virtual world you imagine a reality. ‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’ is the beginning of your next gaming adventure.


Top 6 points about ‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’:

1.    Creating captivating environments with fluid animations and compelling soundscapes

2.    Discovering intricate game narrative techniques used by industry experts using UE5 robust data tables

3.    Designing comprehensive scoring systems, and making your game’s narrative interactive so that every decision is pivotal

4.    Solidifying your understanding of UE5’s blueprint system and adding complex game mechanics with ease

5.    Levelling up your game interface with a multi-widget UI system from scratch

6.    Crafting dynamic gameplay mechanics, including engaging dialogue options and branching player choice paths

But wait, there's more!

‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’ comes with an exclusive and free resource pack that adds layers to your narrative canvas.


Dive into our Download Pack


Dive into our expansive download pack, meticulously curated to enhance your learning experience. It's a treasure trove featuring 6 x prebuilt data tables, 17 x handpicked audio effects, 6 x visual backgrounds, 4 x characters, and 1 x visual novel heroine with 7 unique expressions.

This isn't just a course; it's a resource-rich toolkit.

Included are all necessary files, including 6 pieces of artwork.


Course Modules

Foundations of Game Design - Loading Screen and Main Menu


Our journey with ‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’ will start from the rudimentary design of the main menu, sailing through the creation of dynamic loading screens, and anchoring into the intricate blueprinting techniques necessary for weaving interactive narratives and character dynamics.

Start your game development journey by learning to construct loading scenes and main menus, the cornerstone of any game. This module emphasises the significance of integrating these elements into a new map, a crucial step for stabilizing blueprint coding and setting the stage for your game's development.


Advanced-Data Table Management


This isn't just a course; ‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’ is a gateway to efficiency and professionalism with the use of data tables. These industry-standard tools ensure your coding is not just effective but also manageable.

Streamline your game creation process with comprehensive training in data table management. This section covers the creation of data tables from scratch, outside your game environment. You'll learn to utilise these tables in UE5, facilitating the development of a rich narrative. These tables become central to managing elements like dialogue options, character appearances, and audio controls, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic storytelling experience.


Deepening Narrative Immersion

You'll learn the art of crafting skippable texts through blueprints, setting the stage for a game that respects the player's pace.

We won't stop there; immerse yourself deeper by integrating dialogue with rich animation events, enhancing the reality of your visual novel.

Discover the secrets of crafting an immersive text-based story. This part of the course will guide you through developing game mechanics that deeply engage the player. Learn to create characters with a range of emotional states and achieve seamless scene transitions, enhancing the player's connection to the narrative.

Hikari isn't just a character; she's an opportunity for you to master simple yet profound interactions using the classic yes/no dynamic.


Interactive UI Widget Design


Delve into the creation of interactive UI widgets.

You'll learn to develop frame-interpolated motion animations for 2D UI elements, including buttons and character pop-ups. This module also covers the strategic use of colour tints to indicate interactive elements and introduces a user-friendly text UI that appears in typewriter style, adjustable to each player's pace.


Implementing Multi-Choice Options


But why settle for basic when you can innovate? Elevate your game with three-choice interactions that aren't just filler—they're pivotal decisions that shape your game's climax.

Explore the intricacies of multi-choice dialogue systems. This section teaches you to design a dialogue widget architecture for yes/no questions and multiple-choice answers. You'll learn how these choices not only vary the characters' responses but also influence the game's outcome, adding depth and replayability to your narrative.


Complex Multi-Choice Loop Code Events


Advance to a higher level of coding with multi-choice loop code events!

In this module, you'll implement sophisticated code that enables characters to navigate through multiple scenes and interact with various elements in their quest. Utilizing multi-choice data tables, you'll manage play messages and system information for both closed and open-loop scenarios in the widget blueprint.


Debugging and Problem-Solving Skills


Enhance your coding prowess with dedicated lessons in debugging and problem-solving. This crucial part of the course focuses on identifying and fixing common issues encountered during blueprint coding. Through hands-on practice, you'll learn to test and debug your game, ensuring it operates smoothly and effectively.

Summing it all up


Embark on a journey to bring your story to life with our comprehensive online course, where we'll start by breathing life into a charming scene featuring Hikari—a character who will charm players from the very first interaction.

As your narrative unfolds, you'll guide players from waking up to stepping out into a world where every choice carves a different path.

  • Discover the warmth of a lost puppy's tale and weave this storyline into your game.
  • Learn how to transition smoothly between scenarios, engage with a colourful cast, and ultimately lead to a finale that's as unique as your players' decisions.

Check out some of the ‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’ course highlights:

Don’t just dream about making games; forge your path in this burgeoning field.

If this is you, then ‘Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design’, is your next stop in your game design adventure:

With us, you don't just learn to create; you evolve to innovate, armed with the expertise to manifest any world you can envision.

Unlock the secrets of game blueprint creation with us and BEGIN scripting your future in narrative game development TODAY.


Keep scripting, everyone, and see you in the course!

Markos – 3D Tudor


To get in touch with me about any questions or support, please email:

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Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design

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