Building Stunning Medieval Worlds with Unreal Engine 5 Modular Kitbash Complete Course

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Building Stunning Medieval Worlds with Unreal Engine 5 Modular Kitbash

Are you a 3D modelling artist, game designer or developer looking for a 3D model kitbash that will leave your eyes throbbing with creative excitement?

Join ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ to take your game design skills up a notch!  Learn how to use Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) to optimise a modular kitbash that will take your skills to the next level.

Immerse yourself and your players in a medieval fantasy world complete with iconic shop windows, moving flags, banners, market stalls and cobbled streets!


In a world where the boundaries between what is real or imagined are blurred by the ever-increasing skills of computer-generated imaging (CGI), we are giving you the power to create something HUGE!


A modular kitbash is a powerful tool in every 3D modeller’s or game designer’s toolbox. It helps you quickly and easily create intricate assets and environments using pieces based on a set of concrete variations.

Use 250 modular kitbash parts to build ANY medieval city, castle village or town better, bigger, and with more detail than ever before! Graduate to the next level of game design by learning all about the Blender to Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) professional workflow for medieval modular set pieces.


We have designed the course from the ground up to make sure that no matter your skill level, you will easily be able to follow along and more importantly learn most of the skills to create your 3D game environment.



Our ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ top 6 points:



1.    Learning unique techniques for modular assets for stylized structures;

2.    Creating a functional water system with directional water flow and submergible boat assets;

3.    Building a fully functional open-world landscape material including distance, noise masking, and automatic material transitions

4.    Assembling custom prop collections using blueprints to make your world alive;

5.    Learning how to create large-scale structures in open-world environments;

6.    Filling your world with animated, nanite-enabled foliage to enrich its nature side.



Unreal Engine 5


This course is a full guide to using UE5 to plan out and create large-scale cities from the get-go.

Every modular kitbash asset and every single one of the building parts has been carefully crafted and optimised to work with the latest version of one of the biggest game engines out there – Unreal Engine 5. Hand-in-hand with UE5, the possibilities can become endless and you can tailor everything to your vision.


With ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’, you will build a stylized environment that would leave someone second-guessing whether it is real or not.


Using the same pieces, you could build a cathedral or a castle or a house and a shop.


And that’s not all…

Our ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ modular kitbash items include all the smaller assets that are necessary to make any UE5 environment look real when you walk around it.


What makes a 3D world immersive?

The ability to walk around it in awe of how much identify with the environment and you feel like you’re there.




Getting Started


‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ will also be an introduction to how to set up files to create a clean UI.  The skills you learn here are fully transferable to all your future builds.


It will teach you about snapping, free transform techniques, and structure modification. This will allow you to get unique-looking variances to populate your medieval castle, stronghold area, or city as fast as possible.

Work with multiple pre-set camera angles to get the best composition out of a castle that looks great from any angle.


Texturing & Materials


Through ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ you will be learning everything right from importing individual models from Blender to having them work correctly in UE5. 


We will look at how to import and use textures created specifically for Unreal Engine and use them to create the materials for our medieval castle stronghold modular pieces. You will find out how to change PBR texture values by directly adjusting their information from within, built into the image editor.


Next, we will set up PBR materials with adjustable parameters that will allow you to change the intensity of the normal map (e.g., adjust colour, change roughness values, and more). You will work through the different transparency materials that will help you set up cut-out decals, partially transparent decals with PBR values and two side-faced textures.


UE5 Water System


You will learn how to use UE5’s modeling mode to deform a collection of modular assets. One of the things we will do together is to merge bridge pieces and bend a bridge using the curve deformer. And that’s because who doesn’t love a picturesque bridge over a body of water?!

‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ will also show you how to create a body of water for a river which transitions into a lake using UE5’s built-in water plugin. Together, we will learn how to modify the plugin to allow submergible boats to float on it in a realistic way.


Sculpting Terrain


This course will teach you how to model and sculpt out terrain using a variety of techniques to help us shape out large-scale areas:

-          Using sculpting mode tools (e.g., sculpt + flatten) to shape out terrain;

-          Optimising thermal erosion and hydro erosion to add natural detail to a landscape;

-          Utilising UE5’s copy mode to reuse height information to create background mountains quickly.


‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ will also see us creating a landscape material that uses PBR values from Quixel asset library materials and sets them up as a ‘material attribute’.

You will learn how to hide a textured pattern with mask noise variances and distance blend techniques. Afterwards, you will learn how to create (a) an automatic landscape based on a one-slope angle with mask height overlay, (b) castle tiles with rotation and scaling, and (c) landscape-painted puddles.


Landscaping in UE5


‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’  will show you how to make texture adjustments in the texture detail panel and material graph. You will also be finding out about how to organise material graphs with comments boxes and node reroute techniques.

Using Quixel library assets, we will be quickly populating our medieval city scene with rocks. At the same time, we will also make use of Quixel’s built-in vertex painting tool to paint a grass texture onto our rocky assets.

Likewise, Quixel foliage will allow us to add animated trees and bushes to our scene, and with UE5’s nanite functionality, there are no limits to how great and alive these can look!

‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’  will teach you how to paint out natural forests and make them look realistic in a large-level environment.


Lighting & VFX


Using the UE5 starter content pack, we will readjust fire and smoke VFX to fit the aesthetics of our medieval city stronghold scene. This will involve rescaling and applying these effects to our torches and chimney.

‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’  will show you how to create a dynamic light system using the addon blueprint. We will also be creating a day/night cycle by manually setting up a moon since it does not work by default.


As part of the course, you will also be engaging in post-processing, and we will be adding additional lighting sources to the castle, such as the ones coming out of the building windows.

One of the most exciting things about ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’  is that you will create collisions for stairs so that a playable UE5 character can use them. We use a 3rd person template that allows you to run into your medieval castle stronghold.


Course Resources & Freebies



The ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ resource pack includes 241 Meshes, 4 flags with cloth physics enabled (these are part of the 241 items), a modular set with 327,549 faces / 491,516 tris, 35 PBR materials with emissive maps, 1 clean file with a new level that features nothing in it (all parts available in the content folder), and 9 references.


Our top 10 points of awesomeness for the ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ medieval modular kitbash pieces:


1.    Get started with ease with pivots positioned and oriented to help you speed up the building part of a structure;

2.    Light up the night sky with houses lights that glow in the dark, and assets set up with emission textures;

3.    Unique stylized touch of texturing;

4.    Modular castle walls and tower pieces to help you build as tall of a fortress as you’d like;

5.    Building variations for roofs and huts to build from the humblest of huts to the most extravagant type of mansion in a stylized manner in minutes;

6.    Custom textures for each modular piece to help bring out a unique look from every asset;

7.    Variety of outdoor props to help you populate the streets and make them look alive;

8.    Doors that open to help your taverns, houses, and shops feel as welcoming as you like;

9.    Create unique outdoor marketplaces with our market assets;

10. Enjoy intricate mesh detail to help you get depth from close-up camera shots.



Join this course and come be part of a game design journey of over 22 hours of learning that will see you go away with over 240 game-ready medieval kitbash pieces for your medieval castle stronghold in just 117 lessons.


Check out the free introduction and I am sure you won’t be able to put this course down!

To get you pumped, imagine how well this medieval castle stronghold modular pack fits in with your other 3D Tudor projects.


Be creative! Add medieval dungeon assets inside a medieval castle stronghold using ‘Blender to Unreal Engine Become a Dungeon Prop Artist’.


Also, think about surrounding your medieval castle stronghold or city with other medieval environments such as a farm using ‘Blender 3 The Ultimate Medieval Scene Course’.


Add gallows to your medieval castle keep main square using ‘Blender to Unreal Engine 5 | 3D Props | Medieval Gallows’ to master the look of your medieval castle’s execution area. Use the full power Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) to your advantage.


Even as early as 1 week into development, we knew ‘Build Stunning Medieval Worlds with UE5's Modular Kitbash’ will be something special.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build stunning medieval worlds in UE5!

So, come give us a try and be blown away by just how much you can achieve from one course.


Until next time, happy modelling everyone!

Neil – 3D Tudor


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Complete Unreal Engine 5 Course - 22 hours worth of content; Modular Kitbash resource pack includes 241 Meshes

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Building Stunning Medieval Worlds with Unreal Engine 5 Modular Kitbash Complete Course

8 ratings
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